General Advisor



About BizWorks

BizWorks is an independent 501c3 non-profit resource provider supporting entrepreneurs in their dreams of business ownership. Our core program, BizWorks Business Builder (B3) helps address the uncertainty of entrepreneurship by facilitating the creation and execution of sustainable business models that are scalable and repeatable.

Our Commitment, Your Passion

Our commitment to our members is to empower them by giving them the tools they need to own and operate a successful business.  Most start-up business owners already possess a strong vision for their companies. However, most require additional operational means, management assistance and educational and networking opportunities to help put their vision into action.  Your passion and specialized business knowledge will help these entrepreneurs realize their dreams.

Staff works with our Members on a regular basis to develop their business model and to hone their business plans. However, we are not experts in many fields. As a General Advisor you will have the opportunity to leverage your business knowledge and networks, teaching skills, integrity, and past successes to assist entrepreneurs as part of The BizWorks team.


  1. Meet with a Member after being referred by BizWorks staff for up to one hour providing pro bono advice and training. After the initial meeting it is up to the Member and the Advisor to if a further relationship is warranted and subject to each’s discretion. Members and General Advisor can meet up to four times per year.
  2. Communicate with BizWorks staff as needed and appropriate regarding the outcome(s) of your meetings.
  3. Attend at least one BizWorks function per year outside of your technical counseling sessions.
  4. As needed and available, participate as trainer and/or facilitator for training in your field of expertise conducted at BizWorks such as Start Smart or “one-off” group sessions.